Parisnicole Payton is a native of Southwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who graduated from West Catholic Girls High School. She is a publicist/manager in the sports and entertainment industry who represents “A-List” clients. We interviewed Parisnicole for this edition highlighting successful women entrepreneurs and here are her responses about life and her successful company The PNP Agency.

Please list a quote or motto you live by and state why. 

“Always stay ready; so you never have to get ready.” This motto speaks very clearly on always being ready to accept want to the world has to offer. If not, you will get lost.

Describe your business. List location, phone number, website.

I am the founder and CEO of The PNP Agency which specializes in sports and entertainment public relations and management for artists, celebrities and athletes. Through hard work, I have earned a reputation as a knowledgeable hard-working entrepreneur who represents her clients from the heart. You can find The PNP Agency on the Internet at Here is the contact information:

P.O. Box 1494

Philadelphia, PA 19105

Phone: 267-235-4483

Fax: 877-423-6041

Email: [email protected]

What motivated you to open your own business?  

My passion has always been entertainment management.  I started The PNP Agency in 1990. Thereafter, I gained an interest in sports. In 2002 I added sports public relations in representing NFL athletes.

Did you have any initial fears or concerns that you had to overcome when opening your business?

Yes, that I was not qualified to represent A-List celebrities and athletes. This prepped me to pursue a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and 2 Undergrad Degrees in Business & Management.  Now, I am highly qualified to represent A-List celebrities and athletes. I am a proud graduate of Strayer University’s MBA program. (Read about Parisnicole’s success at Strayer here.)

How did you develop your concept? 

My concept is based on the needs of my clients. I focus on their personal and professional interest outside of their professional talents.  I am genuine and truly “Representing from the heart…” when assisting my clients.  I let them know, I am available to them 24/7.

How much capital did you need to get started? Did you use any creative funding sources?

In 1990, my capital was less than $1,000.  I did not use any creative funding sources. My profession sports & entertainment management is a service only profession.  

How do you market your business? Do you use any creative marketing strategies?

In early development, The PNP Agency marketed its business by local advertisement. Now, The PNP Agency is utilizing all social media mediums. In addition, annually attend numerous seminars, conferences and networking events. The PNP Agency creative marketing strategy is always to be position where the interest target market (celebrities and athletes) are easily accessible.

Are you or your business on Facebook? Twitter? Linked In? Please list.


Facebook: http://www/



How do you manage employees if any?

The PNP Agency is a one woman operation.

What are some of your day to day struggles as a business owner?

Some of the day to day struggles as a business owner is ensuring that I am accessible at all times for my clients. This can be overwhelming at times, but I tend to manage.

What brings you the most joy from your work?

The most joy from work is serving my clients to the fullest.

How do you balance work life and family? Do your work demands affect your relationships?

In the beginning, my personal relationships were affected. But that was by choice. I wanted to totally focus on my professional development. Now, I have complete balance:

GOD 1st, ME 2nd, FAMILY 3rd, CAREER 4th

Any advice you’d like to offer to anyone interested in your line of work? 

Always be on you’re A game in being focused, determined and persistent.  To develop thick skin. Lastly, “Love what you do; regardless if it does not love your back.”

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      Parisnicole, you are an inspiration! You’ve always carried and handled yourself in a professional manner. You’ve always had big dreams, too. You acted and thought in ways that would bring you closer to what you envisioned for yourself. You set out to become an A List publicist/manager and you BECAME that. You truly walk the walk. I’m so proud of you!

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