The Deadly Game Of Comparison

Comparison is a deadly game to play in life and business. It breeds unhealthy competition that robs you of your greatness. It also goes against the universal law of abundance. There are enough clients, enough money, enough audiences, and enough opportunities for ANYONE who is willing to put in the work. My success does not take away from your success and your success does not take away from mine. If anything, our success is proof that success is in abundance and awaiting those who will work for it.


Comparison and its close cousin jealousy have ruined relationships in my entrepreneurial journey. At times, I was the offender. Other times, so called friends and colleagues were jealous of me. It strained and ultimately killed our relationships. In hindsight, I regretted letting this these ugly feelings get in the way of beautiful relationships. Remember, no woman is an island. We need each other… maybe not now, but maybe so in the future.


When you compete with others, you rob yourself of your own greatness. This happens because we imitate others and blindly follow the crowd. It’s one thing to study the market and see what works and what will work for you. In the beginning, it’s perfectly fine to copy someone who is modeling the kind of excellence you aspire to. Usually, once you find your groove, you will develop your own style and way of showing up.


Blindly following the crowd will hinder you from developing your gifts and talents. The world never gets to see the “real you” and your true brilliance. You will neglect your original ideas and skills. You’ll become a phony, an imposter. You will be found out eventually. We all lose in this instance.

Think back to a time when you competed with someone in business. How did it turn out for you? Were you ever the victim of comparison? How did that make you feel? What are your thoughts on comparison?

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