"During Best Selling Message I published my second book. Shalena D.I.V.A. helped me to sell over 600 copies in less than 2 months of its release. My coaching business is up and running. I have multiple speaking engagements scheduled over the next few months. Most importantly, the tools and resources I received during this program helped me to create strategic products and services that I offer my clients today."
Dorothy Ward
Author and Coach
"I've been featured and interviewed on two news stations regarding my best-selling book. I've done book signings, speaking engagements and now people seek me out to be on their shows. I've been asked to write for some reputable magazines and I'm in talks to train at some reputable companies."
Carla Necole Williams
Author and Coach
"Co-creating with Shalena D.I.V.A. is an awesome experience. She woke up what was dead inside of me. She gets me excited about my future, she gives me the confidence to believe in my dream and she will not let me fail. And for that I'm super grateful and thankful for her coaching."
Latrisa Giles
"Shalena D.I.V.A. helped me to create my product line and taught me how to re-purpose my message. I wrote a best selling book, workbook companion guide, outlines for workshops, and proposals for group coaching while I worked with her. I've had a successful book launch. I was invited to speak at a singles event. It was easy to work with Shalena D.I.V.A. because her structure is easy to follow."
Sherica Matthews
Author, Speaker and Coach
"Shalena D.I.V.A. is a shoot straight from the hip kinda of coach and what I mean about that is she don't play when it comes to being productive and creative , every minutes counts and she will make sure we use it all and often going over just to make sure the client has it. She is very giving and that is what I love most about her. She will never be duplicated and I can promise you this and that is why she is "WORTH" every dollar I invested."
Erica Michelle
Author, Speaker and Coach
"In mid-2015, I took a chance on myself and invested in my growth as an entrepreneur. With hard work, tunnel vision, a great coach and accountability partners I graduated from Best Selling Message. Best Selling message was a 6 month program that I went through to not only become a Best Selling Author but to also create several programs and products to serve my ideal audience. Best Selling Message is a life changer and I will forever be grateful! Thank You Shalena D.I.V.A.!"
Kellene Diana
Author, Speaker and Coach
"In Best Selling Year, I was provided with tools to write, publish, and market my second book. With Shalena D.I.V.A.'s guidance, I was easily able to build content based on a thirty-day social media challenge in which I shared ideas and concepts from the book. As the book was being published, I created a Facebook group that has become my target market. Zeroing in on who it is I serve has led to numerous speaking engagements, hosting my first live event, and an increased demand for my coaching and editing services. The Best Selling Year program has provided me with strategies that serve me now and will continue to serve me in the future."
Dr. Andrea Shanklin Dardello
Author, Speaker and Coach
"In 2016, I decided to make a very important investment in myself and sign-up for the Best Selling Year (BSY) Program. This program was invaluable to me from the very beginning. During our first 1:1 consultation, Business Coach Shalena D.I.V.A. told me that I had what it took in passion, experience and ability to write my first book. I took it to heart and began the work. I completed the book late June or early August of 2016 and the rest is history. Bold, Brave and Courageous: A NO FEAR Success Guide for Teen Girls is now a reality and sells everywhere I go."
Wyjuana Montgomery
International Speaker and Coach