Homeless To Six Figures E Course

Step 6: Learn To Leverage

By this point, I was totally feeling myself. I was confident about my ability to offer my services. I was sooo proud of my one client. However, I realized that my income was limited as long as I was only coaching one person at a time.

A major key to building wealth is being able to offer your services to many people. This means you are able to take what you can do for one person and do it for many people. In business, we call this SCALING or simply going from a one to one model (you and one client at a time) to a one to many model (you serving many clients at the same time.)

I knew more people needed my services. How could I offer them my services at the same time?

Learn To Leverage Your Knowledge And Time

I started a Mastermind group coaching program called Best Selling Message. I taught dozens of people how to do the same thing I was teaching my very first client. This meant instead of charging 1 person $3,000 for my services, I could now charge 10 people $3,000 for my services, while performing them all at the same time.

Do you see how this exploded my income? I literally went from broke to $30,000 dollars in 3 weeks.

I identified people who could use my services and scheduled times to speak with them. I put my newly acquired sales conversation skills to work. Just about everyone I approached said yes and signed onto my program!!!

Step 6: Action Item

There are many ways you can leverage your time and knowledge by offering a mastermind program, a workshop or an intensive where you teach several people the same thing at once.

You could also create a product to sell. For example, if you are a hair stylist, you could create a product that you can sell to help people grow their hair. You could even start selling hair and hair accessories to clients online.

If you have a skill set, remember that you will always make more money teaching what you know rather than offering that service. This is called consulting.

Today, I want you to think of how you can offer your services to many people at one time. Will it be through a subscription program, a mastermind program, a workshop, an intensive, digital products or physical products?

By the end of this week you will start thinking of ways that you can scale your business and offer your services to more people for more profit.

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