Lacey C. Clark was raised in North Philadelphia. She attended New York University where she was awarded the Founders Scholarship. Although many people encouraged and influenced Lacey, she credits her mentor Karen Taylor Bass for helping her to find her true purpose and voice. Lacey is an award -winning and International Life Coach/Speaker and Author who has been in local and national press including radio, tv and print. Lacey founded Sisters’ Sanctuary, a company that offers self empowerment workshops and coaching. Through her passionate work which offers hope to thousands of people, Lacey has become known as “The Queen of Celebrate U” ,”The Big Sister of the Hip-Hp Generation” ,and “The Hip-Hop Oprah.”

We interviewed Lacey C. Clark for the Positive Sisters edition of and here are her answers on life and her life’s work, Sisters’ Sanctuary

Please list a quote or motto you live by and state why.

“Why Hate when you can  Celebrate?!” and “Always remember to love, honor and Celebrate U!”

Describe your platform: what issues are you passionate about and why? Who is your target audience?

A Wholistic approach to teen girl and young women’s empowerment. This includes mothers, fathers and mentors.

What motivated you to help this group of people?  Do any of your own life experiences play a role?

Absolutely. In the opening  of my workbook/ journal, Celebrate HER Now!, I talk about how  I too equated my self-worth with my physical sexuality. I didn’t know where to go  to  learn that I was more than my big legs and spreading hips. My mother was very instrumental in helping me set boundaries but my community and the media sent a clear message that women were to develop and master their sexuality in order to be  valuable.
My work  helps young women and teen girls   understand the many  beautiful and powerful layers of being  a developing woman.

How do you serve your target market? Do you have a website, radio show, television show, business, organization, etc?

Workshops, Seminars, Videos, Books, Speaking, Being alive. TV Show coming soon. 🙂

Motivational work is not one size fits all. How did you develop your unique way of serving? What makes your work different?

My vibration. You can feel it! I think I  bring a REAL live experience and a true vibration of love. I don’t think I am better than those I serve and I think the girls  can feel that. I don’t talk down to them nor do I meet them at their level. I think I connect with my audience soul to soul.

My message  and delivery is real, it’s honest and  it is distinctly Lacey. C. Clark! My passion and  commitment brings the element  of CELEBRATION  and joy. I think CELEBRATION, JOY, realness and love make me unique.

Did you have any initial fears or concerns that you had to overcome when pursuing your passion?

No, not really. Pursuing your passion is the path  that very few take but I know, I was born for the job. What I do, is organically who I am.  I’m not a fearful person.

If your motivational work is a business also, how much money did you need to get started? Did you use any creative funding sources? Did you need any certifications or licenses?

I bartered a lot in the beginning.  My experience was my certification. I taught middle school and have worked with high school students! Once I worked with the youth , I realized what the children needed from adults and started doing adult trainings.

How can people reach you to learn more about what you do? Are you or your business on Facebook? Twitter? Linked In? Please list.

Twitter-  @Queencelebrateu C.Clark!
[email protected] for bookings.

What brings you the most joy from your work? Any struggles?

The results.  I like hearing stories of how the girls live their lives now . I love hearing how people get the message and make it apart of their way of being.

Here is a testimonial from a Parent:

“You & Sisters’ Sanctuary has helped Latasha and I, in sooo many ways, for one she has learned how to love herself more and THINK about the consequences of her actions. NOW, She knows that SHE is more important. She has calmed down soooo much in this last year, I even caught her having a candle lit bubble bath with MY candles! She was celebrating her!!!! It was OK once I realized she was not only my baby girl, but she was growing up and I had to allow her to do so, so I thank you for letting GOD use you and keep up the good work.”

– Beverly J., Parent of Sisters’ Sanctuary Teen participant.

Here is testimonial from a student:
“Sisters’ Sanctuary helped me by controlling my attitude and temper, when someone gets on my nerves I know to breathe before I say something I might regret.”
-SS. Participant age 17 Strawberry Mansion High School

Here is a testimonial from one of my adult trainees:
“Very straight, no nonsense, and real.”

-Scott Baier, Attendee at Sisters’ Sanctuary Training, From Hollahin’ to Hatin’

Struggles: The financial inconsistencies. Im working on building more consistent streams of income.

Any advice you’d like to offer to anyone interested in your line of work?

Do what feels organic to you.  Learn from the legends but Celebrate your own unique style and  voice. The world need YOU and not a replica of someone else. Celebrate U!


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    Lacey, what kinds of things can we as adults do int he lives of young people to make a difference. Everyone’s busy, but can you suggest simple things we can do to make a difference?

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