Since the tightening of the job market, an effective resume has become all the more important since many other people will undoubtedly apply for the same position as you. Your cover letter and resume need to stand out and grab the reviewer’s attention immediately. I found two great, FREE websites that will not only help you craft your cover letter and resume, but offer great tips for the interview. They give tips to help you best prepare for the interview and give you tips to effectively follow-up with the interviewer(s) after the initial interview. Before you head on over to these wonderful sites, I’d like to briefly share three major points that both websites offered about writing an effective resume as well as some action verbs you should use your resume.
1. Address the employer’s needs. It is important that the resume speak to an employer’s needs, not the job seeker’s. Employers are not usually interested in the fact that you are looking for a challenge or the next step in your career. Instead they want to know how you can help them solve their problem. After all, if they didn’t have a problem they would not be hiring. So find out what they are looking for as best you can by doing your research, and give examples of your accomplishments throughout your resume that demonstrate that you are the best person for their organization.

2. Show the employer how he/she will benefit. Stress your accomplishments and show the employer you are an excellent prospect with talent to offer that will make the organization better. Provide result-oriented data that proves you have handled previous jobs well and have consistently contributed to the success of the organization.

3. Be clear and concise. Remember, employers sort through piles of resumes daily and typically devote about 30 seconds or less time to each one. Make your information clear, concise and easy to read.

Here are those two fabulous sites I raved about in the beginning of the post:–– If you look on the left side of the screen, you will see tons of resume examples for various professions including resumes for social workers, students, engineers, dentists, banking, and many other professions. This website offers free resume templates and advice you can use to craft a better resume in no time. Take advantage of this free service.

Much success on your job search!

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P.S. Remember, everything has beauty—including YOU. It just takes a true D.I.V.A to see it!

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