Describe your business. List location, phone number, website.

Gilliam’s Fantasy Events specializes in children’s birthday parties and events. We do princes parties and kiddie tattoo parties. We also offer a popcorn and cotton candy machine that comes with an operator who provides an unlimited supply of popcorn and cotton for the duration of your rental. We have all types of packages for all budgets. For example, if you can’t afford a clown, we offer face painting and balloon animal services for only $75. Characters include Dora and Diego, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Elmo,  Sponge Bob, Blues Clues, Scooby Doo, Spider Man, Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog, and Cinderella to name a few.

Based out of Northeast Philadelphia

What motivated you to open your own business?

I really love children. I’m currently in school studying to become a child therapist. I enjoy throwing parties and I like transforming children’s fantasies into parties.

How did you develop your concept?

I took ideas from what my own children like and built other children’s interests into a fantasy event planning company.

How much capital did you need to get started? Did you use any creative funding sources?

I spent about $5,000 to get started. This figure included the business license and insurance, the costumes and the cotton candy and popcorn machine as well as an airbrush machine.

How do you market your business? Do you use any creative marketing strategies?

I advertise in MetroKids Philadelphia and New Jersey. I get most of my business from word of mouth.

Are you or your business on Facebook? Twitter? Linked In? Please list.

I am in the process of putting Gilliam’s Fantasy Events on Facebook.

How do you manage employees if any?

I am fortunate to work with my family. We work as a unit and we make a good team.

What are some of your day to day struggles as a business owner?

Like any other business, there are slow months when I don’t book as many parties. That just encourages me to come up with new marketing strategies and other ways to sell the concept of Gilliam’s Fantasy Events.

What brings you the most joy from your work?

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the smiles on my customers’ face after I throw a fantasy event for them.

How do you balance work life and family? Do your work demands affect your relationships?

Since my business is based upon children’s fantasies, it makes it easier for me to incorporate my children into my business. They enjoy my work and I do, too. We think of my job as fun because it is fun for the entire family.

Would you like to offer a promotion to the readers? If so, please list.

Yes, $10.00 off any party booked in June and July of 2010 if they mention!

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  1. ShalenaDiva on June 7, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Barbara, I may throw a summer party for my 1.5 yr. old since his birthday is in December and he can’t have an outdoor bday party. I loved the video and think you presented your business well.

    • Barbara Gilliam on June 10, 2010 at 9:57 pm

      Thank you for the positive feedback just let me know the time and place and I will provide the entertainment and you are doing your thing too continue to encourage Black women to reach for the stars I wish you much success.

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