The Fabulous World of Shape Wear

Greetings from Full Figured & Fabulous! This week’s topic is all about shape wear! Every woman, big or small should have at least one piece of shape wear in their closet.  Nothing works better to smooth and improve the most tedious areas—back, tummy, hips, thighs, butt—that sometimes even workouts won’t fix. I’m going to run through some essential shape wear pieces to help improve and smooth your problem areas. My absolute favorite line of shape wear is the Ardyss body re-shapers. Their products are durable, well made and affordable. In my book, there’s nothing better that a good piece of spandex! Here are some essential pieces for problem areas:


For Your Back

Unsightly back bulge caused by an ill-fitting bra can be annoying and unattractive. If you need the support, but can do without the bumps, consider a tank with a smoothing effect, like Ardyss Body Magic shaper t-shirt. This baby holds in your tummy as well and can reduce your waist up to two sizes.


Cost: $38.00

For Your Tummy

If you’re not seeing results from the gym in your stomach area, there are plenty of shape wear options to help create a lean, hourglass silhouette. A piece like the Ardyss Corset Golden Targets back, torso, waist and abdomen areas and also can reduce your waist up to two sizes.



Cost: $77.00

For Your Thighs 

Problem thighs are no match for shape wear pieces with ultra firming and slimming power like the Ardyss Life high waist girdle. These feature a “mega compression zone” on your thighs to slim them down, but won’t create a bulge or roll up where they end on your leg (you’re probably familiar with how annoying that is).



Cost: $74.00


For Everything

If you have a big event coming up or an outfit that you want to look absolutely stunning in and achieve a beautiful shape all over, the body magic is a must! The Body Magic will give you the appearance of a liposuction transformation without the surgery! The Ardyss Body Magic firms and slims from your bust all the way down to your thighs. The great thing about this style is that you can wear your own bra underneath.



Cost: $140.00 and worth EVERY penny!

I absolutely love my body magic shaper! I wear it every day and honestly, I have seen my mid section shrink without the girdle, about four inches! I love the way my clothes fit and that it makes me look neat and uniformed. Lord knows nothings worse than a sloppy big girl!

Remember ladies, being full figured is always fabulous! Celebrate yourself in all your fabulousness!


Anya Nicole, The Creator of Expensive Trash Couture (ETC) Custom Tutus

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  1. www.shalenadiva.com via Facebook on June 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I see this all of the time now. I guess it’s because I’m doing the “100 Dresses”. But I see a lot of women wearing nice dresses, but they are jiggling all over and it looks sloppy. I thik every womna should invest in shape wear. I even wear a slip. I knwo that’s old fashioned, but I don’t need everybody looking through my drerss. LOL!

  2. Natalie Townsend via Facebook on June 27, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    I agree Shalena, my only issue with shape wear is finding one that is actually comfortable and not tooooo tight!

  3. www.shalenadiva.com via Facebook on June 27, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    @Natalie– a lot of them are tight. This article gives great information. Most of them give after a few wears though.

  4. Abel Lewis via Facebook on June 27, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    YES! And I’m serious too. That only happens to fat girls.

  5. Darcentas Hinnant via Facebook on June 27, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I wear body magic from time to time, I do however wear good, good bra’s cause my large breast need the ultimate support! I am pleasingly plump,and I must say a good bra does help. I like bodymagic, that stuff tight!! It gets to me when I see big breasted females, and their breast on their thighs, they have on wrong clothes for their shape! Would like to help all my sisters one day!!!

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