Greetings,  I am your gut. The funny thing about me is that you don’t give me a thought unless you’re bloated and you can’t zip up your favorite jeans.  Or you feel nauseous after you eat ice cream, or pizza, or broccoli, or practically anything else.  Or you are sitting…and sitting…and sitting on the toilet and nothing is happening the way it’s supposed to, or, on the flip side, you can’t stop what’s happening.

I, the gut, have become the root of the lots of misery and discomfort for you.  If only you could understand me and my language, you would know that I am your closest, most intuitive, wisest, and pretty much all-knowing friend.

I know how you have been living your life and what you need, desire, and feel.  I know if you’ve been eating more potato chips than carrots and drinking more coffee than water.  I know what stresses you out and what relaxes and soothes you.  I know which people you should get close to and which people from whom you should run away (fast!).  The problem is that you don’t listen to me.

Somewhere along the way you got disconnected from the vital, sacred, wise part of you: me—your gut, your belly, your inner source of wisdom.  Maybe your mother, father, or teacher told you too many times how you “should” or “shouldn’t” feel.  Maybe someone said that big girls and boys don’t cry, don’t scream, don’t mourn.  Maybe you learned a long time ago that our fast-paced society rewards people who talk about what they think, not about what they feel.   Maybe you’re too busy trying to squeeze 12 hours into eight to pay attention to me and give me what I need instead of stuffing me with fast food and alcohol.

But that’s exactly why I’ve been calling to you.  When I feel abandoned by you, I can become a pain.  Literally, I might show up as bloat, gas, backaches, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, anxiety, or depression.  And if you still don’t acknowledge me, I can speak loudly with diverticulitis, ulcerations, even cancer.  Every thought and emotion has an affect on me.  I get upset when you worry or get angry.  I remember old hurts and painful physical and emotional experiences.  I take in information even when your intellect doesn’t notice.

You unconsciously shut me off when you take a shallow breath, eat poorly, or pop a pill in order not to feel certain emotions or physical discomforts.  I nourish every inch of you.  I try to guide you with all kinds of sensations.  You try to flatten me with sit-ups, girdles, and tight belts.  You say mean things: “this bloat is terrible, this bellyache is awful.  Make it go away!”

Listen, I’m not bad.  I’m just trying to get your attention.  These painful signals I’m sending are good and life-promoting.  I am working hard to regulate your well-being.  The pain and discomfort are warnings, giving you a wake-up call so that you will stop and inquire, “What is really going on?”  I want to be heard!  I may need a change in diet.  I may be telling you that it’s time for you to start expressing those feeling that are eating both of us up.  My voice may also be inviting you to address and heal those terrible hurts you have suffered, which you struggle to repress, which still run your life.

Some changes are simple ones; others may require much more courage, prayer, love, and hard work.

I am your friend, longing to reconnect with you.

—–Your Gut

Shared with you by Cheryl Tyler and Infinity Health & Wellness Colonic Center

Cheryl Tyler, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
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Cheryl Tyler is an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist with two Bachelors degree’s from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, former US Army Staff Sergeant, business & property owner, native Philadelphian, and a former resident of two other countries, and five states.  Cheryl is a laymen in nutrition & currently a student of Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell University. But more important than her statistics, is that she is driven.  Driven by the fact that her family members are wiped out; wiped out from diseases promulgated by lifestyle choices, miss-education, ignorance, and a society of corporate greed and lack of conscience.  And based on the US census statistics, she knows her family isn’t the only family that has suffered such needless and tremendous loss. Helping to extend some lives and quality of life through action and holistic health education is her goal.

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