Odell Johnson is 27 years old and currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Mennonite High School and attended Philadelphia Community College. He is 6’ 4” and currently works as the information technology manager at Phenomenal Records. Eventually, he wants to become involved with music production. He enjoys bowling, watching movies, listening to music, and reading books. We interviewed Odell for our “Few Good Men” issue and here are his answers about life and relationships.

 Are you spiritual? If so, how?  Yes. I am Christian.

What is your greatest achievement?  Graduating High School and getting into college

How do you handle setbacks?  I learn from them and figure out how not to let them happen again.

If there’s one quote you could live by, what would it be and why? “You live each day to the fullest because you never know when it will be your last”. Life is too short to be holding grudges, walking around mad at the world. I’m going to live my life and not let anybody get in the way of me doing it.

How have your life’s experiences shaped you into the man you are today? I have seen a lot of things as a kid, good and bad.  I was always surrounded by family so they made sure I stayed on a straight path. I wasn’t rich but my mom made sure I never needed for anything. I can’t forget my dad, he showed me the value of a dollar. Family made me the man I am!

Are you currently on any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? If so, please list your handles if you’d like. Right now  I’m on Facebook (Odell H. Johnson)  and MySpace  (OBLEEK215)

Family Relationships-

What is your relationship like with your mother?  My mother is very much a part of my life. I don’t share much with her, but I know if I needed to she’d listen and give me the advice I needed.

Did you have a father figure or positive male role model growing up?  I didn’t see my father everyday, but he was around. I could call any time of day or night, home or at work and he would have time to talk to me.  I can say things between us are the same if not better. He made sure I got what I needed as a kid. I might have had to pull teeth to get it but he made sure I was set.

Do you have any children? If so, what if your relationship like with them and their mother?  NO KIDS.

Romantic Relationships-

Why are you single or not in a committed relationship?  I’m single because it’s hard and scary to jump into a relationship when you been out of one for over 4 years.  I have been told that I overthink things, well I used to! I want to make sure the woman I’m with will be the one I can move to higher levels with.

What is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? Why did you break up? Did you learn anything from it?  My longest relationship was 4 years. We broke up because there was a time issue. I wanted us to spend more time together and do more, but she was focused on school. I’m not going to stand in the way of a person trying to better themselves, but I think you should be able to make time for your relationship.

Do you want to get married?  I would love to get married.

What are you looking for in a relationship?  Communication. Honesty. Trust. Respect. I want a woman I can talk to about anything. I want her to talk to me and not at me, tell me how she feels or how she’s not feeling.  I need a woman who will keep me in check if I get out of line here and there. I want a woman who enjoys affection just as much as me, don’t be afraid to show it, within reason that is. I don’t think I’m asking too much.

What qualities do you find attractive in a woman?  Every guy says Eyes or Smile but her Mind is the one quality I look for.  Her drive & determination come in 2nd & 3rd.

What qualities don’t you find attractive in a woman?  A LIAR. When a person is a liar that’s one of the ugliest things a person can be.

Do you believe a woman’s role is in the kitchen?  Can you handle a successful woman? I do not think a woman’s role is in the kitchen. We should both share the cooking. I might know how to cook something she doesn’t just like she may show me something I can’t cook. It’s a team effort, work as one. I can handle a successful woman. I don’t care how much money she makes or if she has a higher position at work.  I would just respect the hard work that she had to put in to get where she is. I would tell her how proud I am of her.

When it comes to women, what is your definition of beauty?  Beauty is a woman who doesn’t need to put on makeup. she doesn’t need big brand names on her back. She gets up every morning and looks at herself and knows that her beauty is inside. She’s got natural beauty, she’s born with it. You can’t buy it and it doesn’t fade away.

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