LaShawne Pryor is 35 years old and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from Stillman College where he earned a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. Mangement and Leadership from East Stroudsburg University. He is the Development Manager for a nonprofit, but his passion is changing the way people communicate. Check out his website at He aspires to be financially free and make a positive impact in his community. At 5’11”, LaShawne enjoys playing tennis, modeling, fitness, and singing. We interviewed LaShawne for our “A Few Good Men” edition and here are his responses on life and relationships.

Are you spiritual? If so, how? Member of the Church of Christ; attend each Sunday; not perfect but try to always do good unto others

What is your greatest achievement? I have achieved alot in my life awards and recognition included. Not sure I would put one over the other. I just strive to achieve small steps each day toward my goals.

How do you handle setbacks? One step back, 2 steps forward

If there’s one quote you could live by, what would it be and why? My own- ‘Begin and continue Living your Dreams’ This is a simple phrase that reminds me to live each day with a purpose and keep striving to attain it.

How have your life’s experiences shaped you into the man you are today? I like to keep things simple, if it works keep doing it; if it doesn’t work try something different until it works

Are you currently on any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? If so, please list your handles if you’d like. I’m on LaShawne

Family Relationships-

What is your relationship like with your mother? Great, talk to her almost everyday

Did you have a father figure or positive male role model growing up? Yes, I am very blessed to have had both parents growing up and still maintain a great relationship with both of them.

Do you have any children? If so, what if your relationship like with them and their mother? No

Romantic Relationships-

Why are you single or not in a committed relationship? Single, by choice but I’ll know when when I meet the right person to commit to

What is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? Why did you break up? Did you learn anything from it? 2 and a half to 3 years longest relationship; learned that it’s always best to be honest upfront no matter how much you think the other person will be hurt/upset. The outcomes are always much worse when thoughts are allowed to linger and you just go with the status quo.

Do you want to get married? Yes

What are you looking for in a relationship? Looking for in relationship: honesty, willingness to make the other a better person before you met, genuine friendship.

What qualities do you find attractive in a woman? Great classy dresser, articulate, sense of humor, genuinely concerned for others around her

What qualities don’t you find attractive in a woman? Cigarettes and not willing to learn and experience different things

Do you believe a woman’s role is in the kitchen? Can you handle a successful woman? LOL….only if she knows how to cook!!! Please stay away from the kitchen if you lack skills without proper supervision! I prefer to only associate with a successful woman.

When it comes to women, what is your definition of beauty? I am drawn in by physical beauty that can only be describe in my own eyes, but it is important to me that a woman’s character equal her physical beauty.



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