Aaron Glaspie is 28 years old and he currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Duke University in 2003 where he earned a degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Markets and Management . He is 6’4″ and works as a Neuroscience Sales Representative (www.otsuka.com). He plans to move up the corporate ladder into a Regional Management position. He enjoys exercising, reading and playing Video Games. We interviewed Aaron for our “A Few Good Men” issue and here are his responses on life and relationships.

Are you spiritual? If so, how so? I attend Oak Cliff Bible Church weekly and am of Baptist denomination.

What is your greatest achievement? My son Jalen Aaron-Diere Mathis

How do you handle setbacks? I don’t see them as “setbacks”, I see them as opportunities to test my faith and character. I face them like a man, make the best of the situation. I try to walk away with more knowledge that I had before the “setback” occurred.

If there’s one quote you could live by, what would it be and why?
“Only a mediocre man says the he is at his best” This means a lot to me because I am on a daily journey for personal and spiritual growth. If a man is at his best he is virtually saying that he has no more room to grow.

How have your life’s experiences shaped you into the man you are today? Without my life experiences I would not be the man I am today, I owe all of my growth to all the good and bad experiences of life that God has blessed me with.

Are you currently on any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Facebook-Aaron Glaspie

Family Relationships-
What is your relationship like with your mother? My Mom is my BEST FRIEND.

Did you have a father figure or positive male role model growing up?
My dad has always been a part of my life. He has been there from the beginning and without him I would not be where I am today.

Do you have any children? If so, what if your relationship like with them and their mother? I have an 11 year old son and my relationship with his mother is GREAT. She has truly been a blessing and I could not have asked for a better mother to my child.

Romantic Relationships-
Why are you single or not in a committed relationship? I just moved to a new city so honestly I have not been that focused on meeting women. Past that, it has been my fault. I have not been ready to be in a committed relationship. I just hit the point in my life where I feel like as a man I am ready to be everything that a woman needs. I am ready to provide for a family and spend the rest of my life with someone. Now with that being said, I am very picky. I need my woman to be attractive, loyal, educated, goal and family oriented. Most of all I need her to have a healthy relationship with God.

What is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in? Why did you break up? Did you learn anything from it? 4 years. We broke up because of distance, I honestly learned that I could love some one.

Do you want to get married? YES 20/21.

What are you looking for in a relationship? I need my woman to be attractive, physically fit, loyal, educated, goal and family oriented. Most of all I need her to have a healthy relationship with God. These are all traits that I look for in attractive in a woman. I do not want to be with a promiscuous woman who is too dependant on a male. I need a woman who has her own and can hold me down if need be. I want my woman to have her own success, who strives to meet whatever professional and personal goals she has set for herself.

Do you believe a woman’s role is in the kitchen? Can you handle a successful woman? I like a woman who enjoys being in the kitchen, but I wont say that’s her place. I WANT a successful woman.

When it comes to women, what is your definition of beauty?
The definition of beauty is a woman who takes care of herself, mentally, physically….simple.

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