I Help Coaches, Consultants & Experts Turn Their Knowledge Into Digital Information Products and Start  An Online Coaching Business.


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Shalena Diva Broaster

Turn Your Knowledge Into An Online Coaching Business

Hey!!! My name is Shalena D.I.V.A Broaster. My clients call me D.I.V.A. because I help my clients discover, invest, value and appreciate your lives and business. That's my 4 step personal philosophy.

I am an online business consultant. I believe you have talents, skills and experiences that are valuable. In fact, people are willing to pay you to teach them what you know. Just imagine, you can get paid teaching what you already know.

You may already coach, consult or have an expert business. Wouldn't you like to reach more clients and have more income and impact by bringing your business online?

If you would like to start an online coaching business, download my free guide. It will show you how to start your online coaching business in 4 steps. 

The Online Start Up Coach

Hey There!!! My name is Shalena D.I.V.A. Broaster. I am a certified start up coach for consultants, experts and coaches who want to build an online coaching business.

Through my company, Best Selling Year, LLC, I help coaches, consultants and experts with personal branding, content marketing and digital product creation in the form of webinars, ebooks, online courses, etc.

As the "Start Up Coach" for online coaches, I educate, equip and train them to start a sustainable online business by packaging their knowledge into digital information products and helping them to understand how to use tools to automate their business.

How We Serve You

Content Marketing

Learn to create purposeful content that markets your products and gets you paid.

Personal Branding

Learn to create an authentic personal brand that attracts ideal clients and opportunities.

Product Creation

Learn to easily package your knowledge into products you can sell online.

Start Your Online Coaching Business Today

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The Online Coaching Boot Camp

This 8 week online course will give new online coaches the solid foundation they need to start a profitable business .


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Best Selling Year Academy

On demand and self paced "how to" classes and courses to help you build a solid foundation so you can start the online coaching business of your dreams.


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1 on 1 Coaching

Get the accountability and fast results you need to build your online coaching business so you can make a bigger impact and more income.


Start Your Online Coaching Business Today